Museum voor vluchtsimulatie

Enter the cockpit

History Museum

Our museum originated from a hobby of some aviation enthusiasts which got out of hand.

Under the motto “if you have knowledge, you must do something with it”, we started restoring old Link Trainers for ourselves and for others.

This has resulted in a unique collection that has often changed over the years.

‘Stichting De Link’, named after Ed Link, the inventor of the flight simulator, manages the ‘Museum for Flight Simulation’ and does this with numerous volunteers.

A group of people with a great interest in aviation and the associated technologies.

Some of us focus on flying and everything related to it.

Others find it more fun to keep all our simulators working.

We would like to share this with you.

Flightsimulation museum

Half Elfje 10a

5711 ES Someren

The Netherlands

tel. +31 6 3560 3940

NL19RABO 0178 0042 19

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