Museum voor vluchtsimulatie

Enter the cockpit

Get in and fly

Family party, company outing, birthday or just for kicks?

Fly in one or more of our flight simulators.

Also in the cockpit of an Airbus, identical to the real one.

What may you expect?

After entering you will receive a short instruction.
We will tell you why an airplane can fly and how to fly it.

After this, try it yourself under supervision.

Afraid of flying?

Are the strange sounds and movements that make you anxious?
We explain where they come from and with us you can experience it safely on the ground.

Hopefully you can fly with peace of mind after this.

Experience it in the Cockpit

Great if you want to visit us.

We are happy to serve coffee or tea.

Would you like something to eat?
Bring your own.

Afterwards there are plenty of catering establishments nearby.

Flightsimulation museum

Half Elfje 10a

5711 ES Someren

The Netherlands

tel. +31 6 3560 3940

NL19RABO 0178 0042 19

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